The club moves to the rugby ground and plans for a clubhouse form.

In June 1959, the club began shooting on land at the rear of the rugby ground on Jenny Lane in Baildon. The club had bought shooting equipment, bosses and stands, and plans were being made to buy a clubhouse. The wooden building that was eventually purchased is still in use at our ground at St Ives today.

During August 1959, Ben Hird, a renowned archer, founder member of ‘Ye Greene Company’ and a past captain of the ‘Ancient Scorton Silver Arrow‘. Club members had met Ben at the 1959 Scorton Arrow tournament (the oldest sporting event in the world) and he had expressed an interest in visiting the club. When the visit took place, Ben was made an honorary member of Baildon Archers and an illuminated parchment was presented to him.

By December 1959, the club had twenty-six members and a bank balance of £52.

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