Beginners Courses

Beginners Archery Courses

If you’ve found your way here you’re probably looking to get into archery! Well you’re in the right place.

You will find information about our beginners courses below and an application at the end of this page if you’d like to be considered for a place on one of our beginners’ courses.

Beginners archery courses are an essential part of the annual programme at Aire Valley Archers, as it allows people who are interested in the sport to learn the basics, safety and rules of archery. It also gives people a chance to try out the sport and decide whether or not they are interested in joining a club.


Our courses last approximately 12 hours (normally 6 x 2 hour sessions), giving participants the opportunity to gain ‘hands-on’ archery experience, and are led by qualified coaches. No previous experience of the sport is necessary, and we supply all equipment for the course free of charge.


The course covers everything you’ll need to know to get started in the sport. At the end of the course, you’ll:

  • Understand the basic skills and techniques needed to shoot a recurve bow.
  • Be confident and knowledgeable in safety and archery etiquette at club level
  • Be presented with a ‘certificate of attendance’ as proof that you have completed the course and are safe to shoot at the club.

The beginners archery courses are open to everyone, including junior archers aged 8 years and over. We would recommend that a more reasonable age would be 10 years to start the beginners course as it involves a number of rules and regulations that have to be strictly adheard to for a safe environment for all others taking part and that concentration by the young person is focused at all times. The coaches cannot be responsible for ensuring good behaviour at all times – we do expect it and will exclude anyone not prepared to act and behave responsibly. We strongly recommend that parents also take up the sport, as we find that, when a parent is shooting, young people tend to keep up their interest in the sport. Please bear in mind that, even if you decide not to take up the sport, you will need to be present to supervise your young person  throughout the beginner’s course and whenever they are at the club. This is to satisfy our child protection and vulnerable adults policy.

The beginners course currently costs £60. This is paid upon confirmation of a place on the course. If you’re not completely satisfied with the course after your first session just tell us you won’t be returning for the rest of the course and we’ll refund you £50 – it’s very rare for this to happen though as we find that people get ‘the bug’ before the end of the first session!

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