Break-in at the Clubhouse

Following a break-in at the club house in st ives we have lost all of our practice and training bows and arrows.  We intend to replace these as soon as possible so that beginners courses can be carried out as normal but we would appreciate any offers of equipment which is no longer used – is in good condition and is of a suitable light poundage for beginners  and arrows that can be used safely.  We have had a number of offers which we very much appreciate but we will ensure that only good quality equipment is used and if that means new then that will be provided.

We would ask that if anyone becomes aware of equipment for sale that could possibly be part of the stolen items that you contact the club with details.  The bow equipment bags – although not named specifically as Aire Valley Archers, there are various marking that can be identified as club equipment. The metal detector – A Viking 10 -was clearly marked on the shaft as Aire Valley Archers and has the initials AVA on the search head.