Indoor Range open 2019/2020

these are the times that the indoor range will be open

Tuesday 7pm – 9pm – Club Night
Wednesday 7pm – 9pm – Trial October to December 2019
Thursday 6.30 pm to 8pm – Junior Night only
Friday 7pm – 9pm
Saturday 2pm – 4pm
Sunday 2pm – 4pm

Club Key Dates Aug 2019

AVA Key Dates 2019

Please note all dates are subject to change. If you would like any dates adding to the list, or deleting or notice an mistake, please email

18/08/2019 Membership fees due for payment by 31/08/2019

21/08/2019 Private taster session for CSSA – Range closed 7pm till 9pm

25/08/2019 Archery Big Weekend! – Public taster session 10am to 4pm. Outdoor range closed 9 – 5

31/08/2019 Last day for payment of 2019/2020 membership fees

01/09/2019 Club Competition at St Ives. Range closed 9am to 2pm (Date subject to confirmation) **

02/09/2019 Novices session at St Ives 7pm *

07/09/2019 Beginners course at St Ives. Outdoor range closed 8am to 2pm

14/09/2019 Beginners course at St Ives. Outdoor range closed 8am to 2pm

21/09/2019 Beginners course at St Ives. Outdoor range closed 8am to 2pm

22/09/2019 Autumn Working Party. 10am to 4pm. Outdoor range closed 9 – 5

28/09/2019 Beginners course at St Ives. Outdoor range closed 8am to 2pm

30/09/2019 Last day of 2018/2019 archery year

01/10/2019 First day of 2019/2020 archery year

01/10/2019 Indoor range opens

05/10/2019 Beginners course at St Ives. Outdoor range Closed 8am to 2pm

12/10/2019 Beginners course at St Ives. Outdoor range Closed 8am to 2pm

XX/06/2020 Club AGM at St Ives at 12 Noon

*   These Novice events are open to all club members. Please see Bev for more details or check notices posted in the clubhouse

** Please see notice board at St Ives for details of the competition. Club competitions are open to ALL members with distances and challenges to suit all archers!



Club house key safe left unlocked  and field gate lock not put in place – Please think security – lets not gift it to them – lock it.


2019 Outdoor Competitions

The club will  be running a series of competitions this summer season at St Ives
As in previous years the events will cater for all age groups, abilities and bow types

To encourage newcomers  the first event will be shot at 30 yds so there should not be a lot of searching for lost arrows !!

The first event will be  on Sunday the 21st  of APRIL and on the third Sunday of the Months after
Times are Set up 9.30am,   assembly 9.45.    sighters 10.00am      we should be finished for 2 pm

For Juniors and first year newcomers there will be the usual fun ?? Wand shoot at the lunch break ,although this is meant to be fun, some people take it very
seriously   Will the reigning champion be there to defend her crown this year ??
David Butcher
Comp co-ordinator

Club Fee invoices

Club membership invoices will be going out in july 2019 and need to be paid by 31st August 2019

Indoor Shooting range open

The indoor shooting range will be open from Tuesday 2nd October at the Keighley Table Tennis club on the second floor at Knowle Mill South Street Keighley.

shooting times as follows

Tuesday   7 to 9 pm

Thursday 6.30 to 8 pm Juniors only 

friday  7  to 9 pm

saturday 2pm to 4 pm

Sunday 2pm to 4 pm

Approved Fees for 2018-2019

Approved club fees for the archery year starting 1st October 2018 (click on to open)


20 Yard/metre Boss

Can we please leave the 20 yard boss nearest the coppice pond in position at all times.  The Boss is at the safety limit at this distance and if moved further down the field may be compromise our safety limits

252 Badges

At the committee meeting on saturday 4 August it has been decided not to charge for the 252 badges.

These are awarded to an Archer if they submit two scoresheets with a score of 252 or better (adjusted scores for Compound, Longbow and Barebow) and we think this is an achievement that should be recognised by the club and promoted and encouraged.

Following submission of two scoresheet one of the committee members with access to the bow store at the clubhouse will put a badge in an envelope and leave it on the noticeboard so that it can be picked up by that archer.

Rules of Shooting.

It is imperative that all shooting members make themselves aware of the rules of shooting.

There are copies in the club house and on the Archery GB website and can be downloaded from the link


In particular we would draw the attention of  every member  – Full or Asscociated – to rules governing etiquette (Introduction 3)  and safety especially foot ware (para 307.(b) Dress regulations) and conduct on the shooting line.

When shooting on the field the signing in book must be completed with full name – no initials or first name .  The red flags must be put in the holders by the field gate and by the fence near the gate to the coppice pond path. This is for your protection and the protection of the public and failure can result in serious consequences that may warrent suspension from  the club.

If  you are shooting on your own at the field you are totally responsible for your own safety and the safety of the public – we suggest that the field gate to the coppice pond path is bolted shut to discourage unwanted visitors.

If you are shooting with others then you must appoint a suitable person to act as Field Captain to ensure the safety of other archers and the public and to control the order of shooting.  If we all learn to carry out this role then further incidents of infringements of shooting safety should not arise again. it should be noted that juniors may not carry out this task -if they are accompanied by an adult -shooting or not shooting – this person should take the responsibility of Field captain.