Fees for 2018-2019

Proposed club fees for the archery year starting 1st October 2018 (1)

20 Yard/metre Boss

Can we please leave the 20 yard boss nearest the coppice pond in position at all times.  The Boss is at the safety limit at this distance and if moved further down the field may be compromise our safety limits

Have a Go day volunteers.

The club will be holding another Have a Go Day at St Ives on Sunday 26th August.

We would very much appreciate as many club member volunteers to help on the saturday (25th in the evening to rope off the shooting line/ safety line and move the bosses up to the 10 yard line

and give the coaches and other members any assistance on the sunday with the anticipated large numbers of people wanting to have a go at archery – any time you can spare to helping out would be very much appreciated – thanks in advance.

Have a Go Day 26th August

252 Badges

At the committee meeting on saturday 4 August it has been decided not to charge for the 252 badges.

These are awarded to an Archer if they submit two scoresheets with a score of 252 or better (adjusted scores for Compound, Longbow and Barebow) and we think this is an achievement that should be recognised by the club and promoted and encouraged.

Tim Hewer now has a selection of badges which can be claimed  and will be at the clubhouse on Tuesday evenings or Thursday evenings.  The records officer will collect and record the scoresheets and advise Tim of those submitting two correct scoresheets – and can also leave an envelope on the club noticeboard for anyone requesting a badge  but unable to attend on these days.

Rules of Shooting.

It is imperative that all shooting members make themselves aware of the rules of shooting.

There are copies in the club house and on the Archery GB website and can be downloaded from the link


In particular we would draw the attention of  every member  – Full or Asscociated – to rules governing etiquette (Introduction 3)  and safety especially foot ware (para 307.(b) Dress regulations) and conduct on the shooting line.

When shooting on the field the signing in book must be completed with full name – no initials or first name .  The red flags must be put in the holders by the field gate and by the fence near the gate to the coppice pond path. This is for your protection and the protection of the public and failure can result in serious consequences that may warrent suspension from  the club.

If  you are shooting on your own at the field you are totally responsible for your own safety and the safety of the public – we suggest that the field gate to the coppice pond path is bolted shut to discourage unwanted visitors.

If you are shooting with others then you must appoint a suitable person to act as Field Captain to ensure the safety of other archers and the public and to control the order of shooting.  If we all learn to carry out this role then further incidents of infringements of shooting safety should not arise again. it should be noted that juniors may not carry out this task -if they are accompanied by an adult -shooting or not shooting – this person should take the responsibility of Field captain.

Competitions Competitions Competitions

                                      Come on Archers of Aire Valley!
              Uncle David is determined to make this a successful club competition year!
              It will be up to you to participate and make all his efforts really worth while.
                            Please sign in the competitions entry book well in advance.
The club will be running a series of competitions through the summer season, as last year we encourage all ages, abilities, and bow types to participate.
there will be awards at each event and scores will go towards year end championships for each class.
The events will be run on the 3rd Sunday of the month. The first being on the 15th April.
The times will be 9.30 set up 9.45 assembly and 10.00 am sighters.
The first event will have a fun element to encourage newcomers to have a go and for this event members can choose the distances they shoot at – more details to follow.
Thank you
David C B
Comps Co-ordinator

Members Area of Website

You will all now have been sent the password for access to some of the pages in the members area. This will contain information not freely available to other web site viewers.  We ask you to please keep this password safe – although there is no sensitive information in these pages on personal details we do not want free access by non-club members.


The Club tries to promote and actively supports our junior members by purposely designating certain days or evenings as junior sessions. We do not exclude other members from using the facilities during these sessions although we do request that on these days we give them preference as our coaches are also actively involved and  may well be providing intense supervision and some delays in shooting should be expected.

This does not exclude our junior members from attending any other sessions allocated at the indoor range at Knowle Mill or at any time at the field at St Ives – except on days when beginners courses are being run or field maintenance is being carried out.  Parents are encouraged to make use of the clubs facilities for junior members and not think that the designated junior sessions are the only times they can bring their young archer.


One way of promoting a good competitive spirit in an Archery club is to have a number of challenges that people starting out in the sport can take part in.

The 252 challenge is one such activity that has proved popular – full details can be found elsewhere on this site but simplified you shoot 3 dozen arrows at the imperial distances for a badge award from 20 yards up to 100yrds.  We want to promote various distance 252 challenge days during this years outdoor season.

Achieving a handicap and a classsification is also an essential form of guidance on your performance during a season.  Handicaps are worked out by the records officer on rounds submitted during a season and you must submit at least three complete rounds to start the process.  Classifications are also based on submitted rounds  and range from third class up to Bowmen class for club rounds with two further grand classifications for those at high competitive levels.  Please check the details given in rules of shooting on the Archery GB website if you want further information.