Outdoor range remains closed.

14th May 2020
Good morning Archers,

You will see on the Archery GB website that they have published guidance concerning Returning To Archery.

The committee will consider this advice in the next few days and reach a view on if / how / when we can reopen your outdoor range in a way that is safe and manageable.

At this moment in time the outdoor range at St Ives remains CLOSED

If you have any ideas on how we can apply the AGB guidance to the range at St Ives, or have any thoughts, comments or ideas about reopening please send them to finance@aire-valley-archers.co.uk

Stay Alert, Save lives



Outdoor and Indoor Ranges Closed Until Further Notice
The AVA Management Committee has decided to follow the advice of Archery GB and close both our Outdoor and Indoor ranges with immediate effect.
You can read the statement from Archery GB at https://www.archerygb.org/all-grassroots-archery-should-be-postponed-for-the-forseeable-future/
The club will endeavour to keep you updated as AGB publish any further guidance.
Stay Safe,
The AVA Management Committee

Beginners course cancelled

Archery GB have published information about Coronavirus on their website; please see https://www.archerygb.org/covid-19-government-advice-update/

In light of the current situation with COVID-19, and the waterlogged state of the outdoor range, the Management Committee has taken the decision to cancel the beginners courses that were due to start on 28th March and run through April.

Please also be aware that it looks like BMBC will be doing some works on the road through St Ives this week so if you are venturing up to the range be ready for diversions and road closures.

Car parking charges at St ives

Good morning,
Word on the range is that BMBC will be introducing car parking charges at St Ives sometime in the next couple of month.

When we hear or read something official we will try and email any details out.

In the mean time please watch for notices and machines going up in the park.
There will not be any charge for parking in our members carpark by the clubhouse.

Please be aware that preference for parking spaces will be given to members who are shooting, as opposed to those who may want to park up FOC and go for a walk or a bacon butty!
We also understand that BMBC will be spending money repairing the main drive through StIves; filling the potholes and resurfacing.

Again we have no details so please watch for any notices and warning signs.
Lets hope we have a dry March
The AVA Management Committee

Spring Working party

*** Spring Working Party Postponed ***
Good morning,

Given the amount of rain that has fallen in the last few weeks, the drainage issues at our St Ives Range, and the rain forecast for the next two weeks the Management Committee has decided it is best to postpone our Spring Working Party that was scheduled for 15th March.

Our view is working on the range will do more damage than good.

A new date for the Spring Working Party will be set at the next Management Committee meeting which is on Monday 30th March at the Indoor Range at 7pm.
Thanks you,
The Management Committee


Archery etiquette

A good archer…

  • Waits to approach/leave the shooting line while their neighbour is at full draw
  • Stays on the line with the last archer and waits for them to finish before leaving
  • Waits to be invited to pull their target partner’s arrows
  • Is respectful of other archers on the line and talks very quietly, only if absolutely necessary
  • Alternates who shoots first if shooting in two or more details
  • Always asks an archer if they mind sharing their target
  • Avoids holding up the shooting line unnecessarily
  • Waits until the table tennis players have finished playing their point before walking behind them (Indoor Range only)

Also, please…

  • Return to the safety line if you cannot find your arrow within a reasonable time limit
  • Keep talking and distractions to a minimum while archers are on the shooting line
  • Avoid talking to an archer at all if they prefer to be silent
  • Ask if someone wants some advice; don’t just offer it
  • Avoid exclaiming on the shooting line
  • Ask before touching anybody else’s bow/equipment
  • Allow sufficient space on the line for your target partner
  • Ensure your mobile phone is on silent and if you need to use it, move behind the safety line, speaking quietly
  • Remember to put your target face away when you’ve finished shooting

Scoring etiquette:

  • Only retrieve arrows from behind the target after scores have been taken
  • Call your scores in groups of three, and in descending order
  • When calling scores, point to each arrow as it is called without touching the arrow or target face.

News and Key Dates

Indoor Range, AGM, Key Dates

Indoor Range, AGM, Key Dates
Happy New Year!
Good evening,
We hope to post an update about the outdoor range later this week but for now here are some other things to keep you up to date.
Indoor Range
The indoor range remains open and is being well used.
From 1st October to 31st December on average 8 archers are using it at each session.
We have managed to keep hold of our Wednesday booking through to the end of March.
The session times we have at the indoor range are as follows;
Tuesday 7pm till 9pm (See note 1)
Wednesday 7pm till 9pm (See note 2)
Thursday 6.30pm till 8pm (See note 3)
Fridays 7pm till 9pm
Saturday 2pm till 4pm
Sunday 2pm till 4pm
Note 1 – This is “Club Night”
Note 2 – Wednesday evening was introduced as an additional night this year and is proving popular and taking some of the strain of Tuesday night
Note 3 – This is “Junior Night” and preference will be given to Juniors, though Seniors may shoot if there is space available.
If you need any information on or about the Indoor Range then please look back at the update email sent on 20th December 2019.

Annual General Meeting
Our next AGM will be held on Sunday 14th June at 12 Noon at the clubhouse up at St Ives.
The constitution dictates that all current members of the committee must resign at the meeting and all posts are then re-elected. It is up to the current post holder if they chose to stand for re-election. Any member may nominate themselves for any of the positions.
Ian Brooks has already indicated that he does not intend to stand for re-election to the Treasures role.
If you want further information on what roles are part of the committee please look at the documents displayed  at the Indoor and Outdoor range and available on the club website and on Facebook.

Key Dates For 2020.
Listed below are some of the key dates for 2020. Please note all dates are subject to change.
If you would like any dates adding to the list, or deleting or notice a mistake,
please email finance@aire-valley-archers.co.uk
12/01/2020 Novices Session. Indoor range 10am to 1pm
20/01/2020 Club Committee Meeting at Indoor Range at 7pm
15/03/2020 Novices Session. Indoor range 10am to 1pm
 XX/03/2020 Spring Working Party – Date will hopefully be confirmed at Januarys Committee meeting
28/03/2020 Beginners course at St Ives. Outdoor range closed 8am to 2pm
31/03/2020 Indoor range closes this evening until 1st October 2020
04/04/2020 Beginners course at St Ives. Outdoor range closed 8am to 2pm
10/04/2020 Good Friday – Bank Holiday
11/04/2020 No Beginners course due to Easter Holiday
12/04/2020 Easter Sunday
13/04/2020 Easter Monday – Bank Holiday
18/04/2020 Beginners course at St Ives. Outdoor range closed 8am to 2pm
25/04/2020 Beginners course at St Ives. Outdoor range closed 8am to 2pm
02/05/2020 Beginners course at St Ives. Outdoor range closed 8am to 2pm
08/05/2020 Friday – Bank Holiday – VE Day Anniversary (Instead of Monday 04/05/2020)
09/05/2020 Beginners course at St Ives. Outdoor range closed 8am to 2pm
24/05/2020 Archery Big Weekend! – Public taster session 10am to 4pm. Outdoor range closed 9 – 5
25/05/2020 Monday – Bank Holiday
XX/06/2020 Summer Working Party
14/06/2020 Club AGM at St Ives at 12 Noon (Sunday)
06/07/2020 Membership invoices to be emailed out this week
24/08/2020 Membership fees due for payment 1 week today! (31/08/2020)
30/08/2020 Archery Big Weekend! – Public taster session 10am to 4pm. Outdoor range closed 9 – 5
31/08/2020 Monday – Bank Holiday
31/08/2020 Last day for payment of 2020/2021 membership fees
XX/09/2020 Autumn Working Party – Date will hopefully be confirmed at Januarys Committee meeting
30/09/2020 Last day of 2019/2020 archery year
01/10/2020 First day of 2020/2021 archery year
01/10/2020 Indoor range opens for new winter season

January Challenge

 This year once again, Archery GB is running a postal shoot for individual archers . You should simply submit your best score for a Portsmouth round that you have shot in January.
 Juniors can enter, but will be counted alongside adults (often they do, and, of course, beat them);
To submit a score for the January challenge  please ensure that the date, full name,  Bow type ,  total score,   hits  and golds are entered in the boxes on the scoresheet Please also indicate if you started archery in 2019  or otherwise put experienced  which is required for category purposes.  Mark the score sheet “January Challenge”  and we will collect and submit the scoresheets at the end of January.

Indoor Range open 2019/2020

these are the times that the indoor range will be open

Tuesday 7pm – 9pm – Club Night
Wednesday 7pm – 9pm – Trial October to December 2019
Thursday 6.30 pm to 8pm – Junior Night only
Friday 7pm – 9pm
Saturday 2pm – 4pm
Sunday 2pm – 4pm

20 Yard/metre Boss

Can we please leave the 20 yard boss nearest the coppice pond in position at all times.  The Boss is at the safety limit at this distance and if moved further down the field may be compromise our safety limits