EGM January 2018

As a result of members voting at the EGM 14.01.2018 the club will now accept membership from the age of 8 years.  We will take beginners at age 8 but it is highly recommended that a young person should not begin before the age of 10 years.  There are very good reasons for this advise – not just for the young person but also for the coaches and club officials who have to deal with both young people and parents. It is noted that Yorshire Archery Association also recommend 10 years as a starting age.  We also recommend that if you want your young person – of any age (8+)  – to start a beginners course – that you talk to the coaches beforehand so that a clear outline of what is expected can be advised. The course is intensive and demands a level of concentration by all involved that may prove more difficult for some young people. Our prime objective is the safety and enjoyment of all those involved and can only be ensured if the coaches have confidence in those taking part to adhear to all the rules.