Archery etiquette

A good archer…

  • Waits to approach/leave the shooting line while their neighbour is at full draw
  • Stays on the line with the last archer and waits for them to finish before leaving
  • Waits to be invited to pull their target partner’s arrows
  • Is respectful of other archers on the line and talks very quietly, only if absolutely necessary
  • Alternates who shoots first if shooting in two or more details
  • Always asks an archer if they mind sharing their target
  • Avoids holding up the shooting line unnecessarily
  • Waits until the table tennis players have finished playing their point before walking behind them (Indoor Range only)

Also, please…

  • Return to the safety line if you cannot find your arrow within a reasonable time limit
  • Keep talking and distractions to a minimum while archers are on the shooting line
  • Avoid talking to an archer at all if they prefer to be silent
  • Ask if someone wants some advice; don’t just offer it
  • Avoid exclaiming on the shooting line
  • Ask before touching anybody else’s bow/equipment
  • Allow sufficient space on the line for your target partner
  • Ensure your mobile phone is on silent and if you need to use it, move behind the safety line, speaking quietly
  • Remember to put your target face away when you’ve finished shooting

Scoring etiquette:

  • Only retrieve arrows from behind the target after scores have been taken
  • Call your scores in groups of three, and in descending order
  • When calling scores, point to each arrow as it is called without touching the arrow or target face.
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