Rules of Shooting.

It is imperative that all shooting members make themselves aware of the rules of shooting.

There are copies in the club house and on the Archery GB website and can be downloaded from the link


In particular we would draw the attention of  every member  – Full or Asscociated – to rules governing etiquette (Introduction 3)  and safety especially foot ware (para 307.(b) Dress regulations) and conduct on the shooting line.

When shooting on the field the signing in book must be completed with full name – no initials or first name .  The red flags must be put in the holders by the field gate and by the fence near the gate to the coppice pond path. This is for your protection and the protection of the public and failure can result in serious consequences that may warrent suspension from  the club.

If  you are shooting on your own at the field you are totally responsible for your own safety and the safety of the public – we suggest that the field gate to the coppice pond path is bolted shut to discourage unwanted visitors.

If you are shooting with others then you must appoint a suitable person to act as Field Captain to ensure the safety of other archers and the public and to control the order of shooting.  If we all learn to carry out this role then further incidents of infringements of shooting safety should not arise again. it should be noted that juniors may not carry out this task -if they are accompanied by an adult -shooting or not shooting – this person should take the responsibility of Field captain.

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