Spring Working Party

Spring Working Party – 15th March 2020
Our first working party of 2020 will be on Sunday 15th March.

As a reminder the purpose of the working party is for all able members to come along and help with getting the range, clubhouse, track and surrounding area ready for the outdoor shooting season.

Members are reminded of the following which is on our membership form;
“As a member of the club I agree to take part in work parties to maintain the shooting grounds and buildings and to support at events such as “Have A Go” days and beginner’s courses.”

We will start at 10am and will finish no later than 4pm.
We DO NOT expect you to attend for the whole 6 hours, though you can if you wish! Even helping for an hour will make a difference. 200 members doing 1 hour is a lot of work done.
Graham and other volunteers will be drawing up the “to do list” but for now here are examples of the works that need to be done;
Fence repairs
Field marking
Tree trimming
Hole filling
Overshoot clearing
Rubbish removal
Pothole filling
And so the list goes on and on
If there are any jobs that YOU think we should be doing please send them to finance@aire-valley-archers.co.uk and we can add them to the list.
Our second working party of the year will be at the end of September when we get the range ready for winter. The date for this working party will be set sometime in June.

The AVA Management Committee